Sardi’s Purchases Greene Growlers in Gaithersburg

February 18th UPDATE: We are told Sardi‘s is not purchasing the building, but will be leasing it instead.

t’s not every day that I give credit to the Victor Litz Music Store in Gaithersburg for breaking news, but earlier today they broke the news of Sardi’s buying Greene Growlers in Old Town Gaithersburg.

I’ve made a few calls and was able to confirm the . I’ve also been told that Sardi’s is planning on maintaining the brewery. This should be interesting as the former Sardi’s Fusion in Olney rebranded as Sardi’s Taphouse this past summer.

​I’m told that if all goes as planned, Sardi’s will be open in the Growler’s location (227 E. Diamond Ave.) as soon as this summer.

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  1. Is this still going to happen?

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