Silver Spring Piglet Saved; Now Lives in Poolesville

by MCS Staff

A piglet was found running loose in Silver Spring and was captured by MoCo Animal Control. She has been taken to Poplar Spring Animal Sanctuary in Poolesville– a 430 acre refuge for abused and abandoned farm animals and wildlife.

Full story below, by Poplar Spring:

“This adorable little piglet was found running loose in Silver Spring. She was definitely not someone’s pet, she was so afraid of people.

She is a Yorkshire pig who will grow to be 800 lbs. in a few years- we are guessing someone purchased her to eat her, and she somehow got free.

Thankfully Montgomery County Animal control was able to corner and capture her, and brought her to Poplar Spring on Saturday.

She is very thin and was terrified of being touched when she arrived, but she is already learning so quickly to trust us, and rolled over for her first belly rub yesterday! She was shivering in the cold morning temperatures, so had to wear a sweater, which made her much more comfortable.

We are so happy that she was rescued, and after she has gained some weight and is healthy, she will be able to live a wonderful life with lots of piggy friends. We love her so much already! ❤️🐖”


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