Wednesday Storm Potential (Monday Afternoon Update)

by MCS Staff

It wouldn’t be the DMV without uncertainty about winter weather.

A winter storm watch was issued for the N/NW part of MoCo earlier this morning for the Wednesday storm. The major networks have released their second round of forecasted snow totals, but models are still all over the place.

Top left, WUSA9, is the most conservative of the bunch with this storm going with 1-3” for all of MoCo.

Fox5 has most of MoCo in the 3-6” range with the N/NW third of the county in the 6-12” range.

NBC4 has most of MoCo in the 4-8” range with the S/SE third of the county in the 1-4” range.

ABC7 has a range that is very similar to NBC4, with most of MoCo in the 4-8” range.

The models haven’t come together on a solution either.

The GFS has dropped its totals for MoCo to 2 inches for those closer to DC and up to 8 inches in parts of Upper MoCo.

The Euro is still showing high snow totals with a much wider range of 5 inches near DC and over a foot in parts of Upper MoCo.

We will continue to monitor this storm and see which direction it moves towards as we get within 48 hours.



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