Wednesday Evening Update (2/10/21)

Wednesday Evening Update (2/10/21)

The big flakes many of you are seeing now aren’t actually part of the system that’s going to bring us some now overnight. Below we’ve circled the storm heading our way.

The forecasted amounts from the National Weather Service decreased to 2-3” for most of MoCo at 3:58pm (totals by Friday afternoon), but then increased again to 2-3” for areas closer to DC and 4-6” for places in upper MoCo in the 5:21pm map.

The high end amount (10% chance) is 4-5” and the low end amount (10% chance) is a coating to an inch.

The actual snow from the storm (though not as much as it looked like we’d get just a couple days ago) will come through in a few hours and overnight into Thursday morning. It should be out of here around noon as we wait for “round two.”

Why is round two in quotes? Because it looks like it’ll miss us to the south and the second wave is looking to be more of a ripple– barely bringing anything to our area.

Below you will see Fox 5’s forecast for the first wave, that’ll bring the bulk of our snow from this storm to the area.

Yet another disappointing storm for snow lovers. We also have the chance for ice on Saturday night into Sunday morning…which nobody really wants to see.

We’ll keep you updated!

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