Blake High School Alumnus Patrick Serrano Stars in Lifetime Movie Tonight

Patrick Serrano has been a Lifetime Movie fan as long as he can remember. He grew up watching Farrah Fawcett star in a movie where she overcame an abusive husband, Tracy Gold in a role overcoming an eating disorder, and Tori Spelling as a popular cheerleader, but never did he think he would star in a Lifetime movie.


The 2001 graduate of Blake High School in Silver Spring describes himself as a TV movie expert, actor, writer, and is the host of Lifetime Uncorked- a podcast based on discussing Lifetime movies. Tonight will be his Lifetime movie debut, as he plays the role of Jordi in Lifetime’s Old Flames Never Die.


When successful novelist Kira Young (Yan-Kay Crystal Lowe) returns to her hometown to escape bad press after her cheating fiancé Tyson (Rich Paul) is accused of murder, she rekindles a romantic one-night stand with her high school sweetheart Weston Wade (Lou Ferrigno Jr.), who soon develops an unhealthy obsession with her.


Earlier today, Patrick posted the following displaying his excitement for his Lifetime movie debut:

“TONIGHT is the night. I am in my first Lifetime thriller! 🍷 🔪 ⭐️
If you would have told me when I started Lifetime Uncorked that I would be IN a Lifetime Movie one day, I wouldn’t have believed you. Sure, I went to school for theatre and have been acting on stage ever since. BUT A LIFETIME MOVIE?!?!?
I’ve watched Lifetime movies ever since I can remember. Farrah Fawcett overcoming an abusive husband, Tracy Gold struggling with an eating disorder, or Tori Spelling being a popular cheerleader despite looking like me in drag. The path to Lifetime seemed clear: Be a beautiful sitcom/TV star whose fame was fading. I skipped all that. So being given this opportunity is such a dream come true.
When one of my favorite Lifetime directors, Jake Helgren, randomly sent me a message on Instagram asking me to play a small role in his next Lifetime thriller, I jumped at the opportunity. (I had actually been wanting to have him on the podcast, but was too shy to reach out.) It was really that easy! He sent me the script and a contract and we were good to go! I was his Cinderella and he was my fairy godmother, except we are both attractive gay men.
It wasn’t long before I was on set in LA at a mansion with an infinity pool. I got my hair and makeup done (I looked amazing like I belonged in a Lifetime movie!), had lunch on set, (a Diet Coke and almonds, I was too nervous to eat.), and rattled off my 5 lines when it was my time on camera. Everyone was lovely and extremely down-to-earth. The filming schedule was aggressive but we were all there to get the job done. It felt great!
The cast and crew work so hard on these films. Most of them film in under 15 shooting days total. I saw them fighting daylight and quick changing for the next scene on the schedule. I have an enormous amount of respect for everyone who worked on this film and I want to thank Jake Helgren & Autumn Federici for having me, and for their continued support.
When it was called a “Wrap on Jordi” everyone applauded and it was super surreal. I took a photo with Jake and Valerie (my cast buddy for the day). Jake gave me a bottle of champagne for a job well done and congratulated me with a hug. The spell was broken at the stroke of midnight. I just hope I left a glass slipper for next time.”

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