A Look At Concept Plans For The Montgomery Village Center

by MCS Staff
When we announced the news of the last Denny’s in MoCo closing permanently, many asked about the long term plans for the Montgomery Village Center.

Last year, MontgomeryVillage.com released the following article on the plans: www.montgomeryvillage.com/press-room/village-news/articles/arc-shares-plans-revitalize-village-center

In those plans, Denny’s was to move to a different part of the shopping center, but that’s no longer the case as management reached out to say they’re closing permanently.

There will be an additional entrance to the shopping center at Centerway and Watkins Mill Roads, as Centerway would cut all the way through the shopping center according to the new plans.

Suggestions from the community, regarding new retail spots, included Five Guys and Starbucks. While these were only suggestions, ARC (Atlantic Realty Companies) would like to bring in a high-end coffee shop and a national grocery store.

There’s no specific timeframe for the renovations but ARC is hoping it’s done “sooner, rather than later.”

​Below you’ll see some of the renderings of what the shipping center may look like, courtesy of ARC (Atlantic Realty Companies).


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