BurgerIM and Mango Mango are Coming to Downtown Crown

by MCS Staff
A few weeks back the first BurgerIM in MoCo opened in Wheaton Mall. Today, we found out that a second MoCo BurgerIM will be opening in Downtown Crown at 200 Ellington Ave., taking over the old Smashburger location.

I spoke with manager Leon Mensah (a Quince Orchard graduate) who told me that if everything goes as planned with permits, it can open as early as late May.

The first Burgerim (an Israeli Burger chain) opened in 2011 and the burger chain has already expanded to over 160 stores worldwide in just over 5 years.

They sell mini-burgers (not sliders) using 2.8 ounce patties that are larger than a slider sized patty. Their selling point is variety, and there’s plenty of it. They offer 11 different types of patties, including beef, dry aged beef, Wagyu beef, merguez, Turkey, lamb, chicken, salmon, veggie, Spanish beef, and falafel.

Their disc shaped fries are more like slices of potatoes, but they also provide the option to get sweet potato fries (in the traditional shape), onion rings, or home fries (cubes potatoes tossed in chili sauce and topped with sesame seeds).

Combo options include the uno (one burger), duo (two burgers), trio (three burgers), and Party Box (16 burgers!). In addition to burgers, Burgerim will offer a variety of sandwiches and salads.

Back in October we wrote about Asian dessert spot Mango Mango potentially coming to Downtown Crown. Today we confirmed that it’ll be opening right next to BurgerIM (the old Smashburger location) at 202 Ellington Ave.

​They offer a variety of unique desserts, not all mango-based, which can be seen on their website. There are currently 11 other Mango Mango locations across the United States, with the closest being in nearby Falls Church, VA.

We don’t have an opening date for Mango Mango, but based on previous information we are guessing they’re aiming for this summer.


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