Councilmember Jawando Introduces the Safety and Traffic Equity in Policing (STEP) Act to Limit Traffic Stops That Have Resulted in Racial Disparities

by Patrick Herron

Today, Councilmember Will Jawando will be introducing Bill 12-23, the Safety and Traffic Equity in Policing (STEP) Act, which will limit traffic stops that he says have resulted in racial disparities. According to the County Council, “the legislation would prohibit a stop for certain traffic offenses by a police officer; prohibit consent searches of a vehicle by a police officer; require the collection of data and information related to traffic stops; and exclude the limitations on traffic stops from collective bargaining.”Councilmember Kristin Mink is a cosponsor.

According to Jawando, “the goal of the STEP Act is to promote fairness and reduce racial disparities, promote safety and reduce community trauma, improve community policing relations, and further the county’s Vision Zero.” A public hearing is scheduled for June 13 and the Public Safety (PS) Committee is scheduled to review the bill on July 17.


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Mark February 28, 2023 - 3:38 pm

Just repel the Law if you don’t like it.


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