County Council At-Large Mock Election Results

by MCS Staff
This weekend we ran a mock election that included all 38 candidates vying for the four at-large County Council seats in Montgomery County.

With almost 1,200 total votes, the four winners of our poll were Gabe Albornoz (top left in our photo, 127 votes), Steve Solomon (top right in our photo, 96 votes), Danielle Meitiv (bottom left in our photo, 93 votes), and Shruti Bhatnagar (bottom right in our photo, 91 votes). Other top-vote getters included Will Jawando (89 votes), Jill Ortman-Fouse (74 votes), Marilyn Balcombe (68 votes), Evan Glass (62 votes), Hoan Dang (61 votes), and incumbent Hans Riemer (57 votes). Full mock election results can be found here:

This was not a scientific poll, as the poll was available to any person of any age (in order to vote in Montgomery County elections you must be a resident of the county and at least 18 years of age).

The goal was to get all 38 names out there and allow potential voters to do their own research on each candidate. Hopefully we were also able to help candidates get a general idea of where they may stand with The MoCoShow audience, which may differ from other news and entertainment websites in the county.

We will hold one more mock election in the coming weeks– for the Montgomery County Executive race.


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