COVID Cases and Hospitalizations on the Rise in Maryland

COVID cases and hospitalizations on the rise in Maryland.
Maryland reported 5,138 new cases over the last week, double the weekly new cases at the beginning of the month. Additionally, hospitalizations in Maryland due to COVID-19 are higher now than last week. Last Monday, there were 385 Marylanders hospitalized for COVID-19; today, there are 463. The number of patients in ICUs has increased by 41 to 163.
MoCo cases aren’t increasing as quickly as the state’s numbers, which reflect drastic increases in Baltimore. However, there are about 115 percent as many new cases this week as last week in MoCo. Hospitalizations, which were previously decreasing, are now holding steady.
This increase seems to mirror trends across the country, where states have seen COVID cases, hospitalizations, and sometimes deaths grow. Case counts are rising in 40 states—including Maryland—and Washington, D.C., holding steady in eight, and decreasing in only two, according to The New York Times. Florida, Arizona, and Texas are among the states facing the most harsh outbreaks
By Prayag Gordy

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