Eggspectation Has Closed Permanently in Downtown Silver Spring


Eggspectation Has Closed Permanently in Downtown Silver Spring

Popular breakfast and brunch spot, Eggspectation closed permanently yesterday in Downtown Silver Spring.

Source of the Spring was first to report this news, as the restaurant posted a sign sign stating they’d be closing at 3:15 yesterday and apologizing for the inconvenience. Restaurant staff was informing customers that the close would be permanent.

This morning we stopped by the restaurant and spoke to employees who told us that the closure is indeed permanent. Signs were added thanking customers for their support and stating that Eggspectation is closed and will not be returning.

The restaurant, which started in Montreal and has locations across the world, came to Downtown Silver Spring just over 15 years ago.


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  2. This is too bad. It was a great place to take a family. Not terribly cheap, but had something for everybody. It’s a real shame there doesn’t seem to be a critical mass of customers to keep restaurants open in downtown silver spring. I wish the property managers had turned Ellsworth Drive into a huge “streetery” rather than a parking lot during the pandemic.

    • It wasn’t about the customers. Peterson Companies said we had to renovate, because we didn’t fit the vision of the new Silver Spring they had in mind. We couldn’t necessarily afford this, so they said we had to go.

  3. I agree about the Streatery scene like many other areas are doing to help keep restaurants going.

  4. For those who like it, bummer. I stopped going there years ago because the wait staff would take afd tips to the bill even if you give them a cash too. That was a big turn off for me.

  5. This is terrible! Great family eatery, especially on a Sunday. I agree on the implementation of street eatery in downtown Silver Spring!

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