Friendship BBQ Temporarily Closed in Rockville Town Square

by MCS Staff

Friendship BBQ, at 33 E Maryland Ave in Rockville Town Square has posted a hand-written sign on the door stating they are closed.

We are told that it is a “temporary suspension of operations.”

Friendship BBQ is a fast-casual Asian BBQ restaurant, that opened in Rockville in September 2019, skewered meats and seafoods using wood imported from the Xinjiang region of China giving it a unique flavor.

Owner James Du brought the concept from New York to Rockville paying tribute to the Big Apple via a pop graffiti mural on the wall.

“This type of BBQ is one surrounded and shared by friends. That’s how I envision this restaurant. We have designed it to incorporate art and environment into your dining experience,” Du said.

The restaurant seats seventy-four people and has been open for both lunch and dinner. Most entrees are portioned to share.


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