Governor Hogan Says He is Closer to 2024 Presidential Run; Wants to Lead Return of “Normal Republicans”

by MCS Staff

Current Maryland Governor Larry Hogan, who has been rumored to seek the Republican nomination for President of the United States in 2024, has told CBS News reporter Robert Costa that last night’s election results move him closer to a 2024 bid. Costa tweeted that Hogan told him “I felt like I was on a lifeboat all by myself” in the GOP “with everybody on the Trump Titanic. Now, we need a bigger boat” and is looking to lead the return of “normal Republicans.”

Costa went to to tweet, “Hogan said he was “getting calls all night” from donors and GOP officials. “They were saying it’s a good night for Larry Hogan,” he recalled with a laugh.” “I think there is a battle for which direction the Republican Party will go. My side of the party had a really good night. Trump’s side did not,”

It remains to be seen whether Hogan will officially throw his name in the hat. Based on the replies to the original tweet, there seems to be mixed reviews (seen below).

Some replies to the tweet include:

  • Marylander here, I don’t think anyone wants him to run. Desantis’24.
  • Hogan is a good man and deserves a chance to be considered for higher office. Same with Hutchinson, Baker and s small merry band of Republicans who stood up against Trump when it wasn’t popular to do so.
  • Thank goodness rationality and decency is the goal.
  • He won’t be able to compete with Trump or even DeSantis. Those are going to be the two on the ticket. They are looked at as the main voices in the party.
  • Larry Hogan is a Democrat everywhere but Maryland.



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