Harold Maldonado Announces Candidacy for New Council District 7

by Patrick Herron

Republican Harold Maldonado has announced his candidacy for the newly created District 7 county council seat. According to his website,  Maldonado says the current council has “ignored the concerns of residents all over the county that have produced erroneous, ill-advised policies that have and continue to deteriorate the quality of life in our communities by lowering the quality of education in our schools, deteriorating the economy, and seriously undermining security in our streets.”

Press release from Maldonado for Council:
Harold C. Maldonado has announced his candidacy for Montgomery County Council to represent residents living in newly created District 7. For the first time residents in the northeastern section of the county will have the opportunity to elect a Council member who lives in their community. Mr. Maldonado is a long-time county resident, economist by training with more than 25 years professional experience with public and private sectors, specializing in economic development. He is a Bolivian immigrant who grew up in the county and attended Montgomery County public

Mr. Maldonado’s campaign will focus on using his professional background to promote economic growth, quality education, family values, and personal freedoms. “I believe our quality of life is deteriorating at an alarming rate because the concerns of parents and businesses have been ignored by county officials. It’s time for competent and honest leaders on the Council who hear the concerns of upcounty residents and find commonsense solutions.”

In making the announcement that he is running for County District 7, Maldonado said, “My family moved to Montgomery County when it was a thriving county with top public schools, a growing economy, and a safe place to raise a family. That is no longer the case. Our county economy is stagnant, businesses are leaving, our education is in a full free fall, and our neighborhoods are less safe. Our Council has shown it is unable to stop the decline. We need
a change now before more businesses and families leave and crime rises to unsustainable levels. That’s why I’m running for County Council. I’m asking for your support.”

Meet Harold C. Maldonado on his website at: www.HaroldMaldonado.com
“Let’s Get Our County Back!”
P.O. Box 5800, Derwood, MD 20855


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