Hot Pot Legend (Rockville)

Hot Pot Legend currently has over 80 locations in over 20 different provinces in China. The Rockville location (595 Hungerford Drive) is the first location in the United States.

This was my first time trying hot pot. It’s kind of a mix between Melting Pot, Korean BBQ, and Mongolian BBQ (for those of you that remember BD’s).

Walking in, you’re greeted by a giant panda (that seems to be the theme). It’s definitely different…you’ll even have little panda pillows at your seat. I like pandas…I’m good with it!

Here’s how it works…

Choose your soup base:

​• Sichuan Spices (very spicy…add sesame oil if you want it a bit milder)
• Tomato (usually not my thing, but tasty!)
• Mushrooms
• Pork Broth (most popular, my favorite)

Choose your meat:

• Fatty Brisket Slice*
• Sliced Beef
• Beef Tripe
• Sliced Lamb*
• Pork Belly*
• Pork Liver
​• Sliced Chicken

Choose your seafood:

• Sliced Fish Filet
• Shrimp*
• Mussel*
• Small Cuttlefish

​* my favorites

Soy products (not pictured) include:

• Tofu
• Spongy Tofu
• Beancurd Sheet
• Beancurd Skin

Choose your noodles:

• Ramen Noodle
• Udon Noodle
• Rice Vermicelli
• Steamed Rice
​• Mini Dumpling

Can’r really go wrong here…


• Beef Meatball
• Fish Ball
• Shrimp Ball
• Pork Meatball
• Fish Tofu
• Squid Ball
• Northern Style Meatball
• Cuttlefish Ball
• Quail Egg
• Egg
• Mini Sausage
• Spam
• Seaweed Knots
• Pumpkin
• Wood Mushroom
• Corn
• White Radish
• Potato
• Lotus Root
• Enoki Mushroom
• Shitake Mushroom
• Taro
• Cucumber
• Broccoli
• Napa Cabbage
• Oyster Mushroom
• Crown Daisy
• Lettuce
• Loofah
• Cabbage
• Bok Choy
• Fried Bread Stick

You want to add any root veggies to the soup at the start so that you can eat them towards the end of your experience, since they take a while to cook.

The meat cooks in just a few seconds and you get to choose from about a dozen different dipping sauces, including:

• Chive Sauce
• Chinese Barbecue Sauce
• Chili Sauce
• Soy Sauce
• Sesame Oil
• Chef Sauce

and more!

I recommend experimenting with the different sauces.

This was a very different experience and I enjoyed it. I’ll definitely be visiting Hot Pot Legend again in the near future.

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