Josephine Gluten Free Bakery is Now Open

by MCS Staff

Josephine Gluten Free Bakery officially opened on October 22 at 4927A Saint Elmo Ave in Bethesda. The bakery specialize in gluten-free, savory, and sweet waffles and pastries. Josephine also offers a wide range of gluten-free dishes, snacks, drinks, and coffee.

The treats at Josephine are made with exclusive gluten-free recipes, using ancient grains and flours, organic ingredients, and robust flavors and textures, according to its website. The product mix is strictly made in a 100% gluten-and allergen-free facilities for the safety of our customer highly sensitive customers.

Josephine was founded by Jean Charles, who is from France. The concept was born out of three issues: his wife’s gluten intolerance, his long-time wish to open a retail bakery here in the US, and his daughter’s name, Josephine. Jean Charles’s previous experience working as a store manager in a bakery led him to question why it was so difficult to find tasty fresh treats to-go for those with celiac disease or gluten sensitivity.


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