Metro Update: Full Red Line Service Restored

by MCS Staff

Update per Metro (Monday, 8/1/22, 10am): Full Red Line train service has been restored between Farragut North & Van Ness. Crews have completed work after Saturday’s low-voltage cable incident. Trains will operate to all stations, every 10 min. Shuttle bus service remains in place for customers until 11am.

Red Line Update, per Metro (Monday, 8/1/22, 4:35am)
: “Service remains temporarily suspended btwn Farragut North & Van Ness as crews continue repairs to the low-voltage cables from Saturday’s arcing incident. Shuttle buses will operate every 7-10 min between Farragut North & Van Ness. Repairs continued through the night on this complicated work. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we work towards a safe return to full Red Line rail service.”

Sunday night at 10:41pm, Metro issued the following update: “Crews have been working continuously to make repairs, so service is restored between Farragut North & Van Ness in time for your morning commute. In the event there are any issues, we’ll have at least 40 shuttle buses ready to operate every 7-10 min.“

Earlier on Sunday, Metro issued a statement providing an update after sparks and smoke were reported. The full statement can be seen here.


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