New Burger Truck in MoCo Now Open

New Burger Truck in Rockville Now Open
Slider Rider food truck is now open for business. Follow them on IG @sliderridertrux to see their daily schedule. All their burgers are served with two patties (substitute Beyond meat for $1) and have names like the Mercury and Neptune. The Cosmic fries come with special seasoning and a side of Galaxy sauce.

Owner Pejman Parker decided to open the business after he lost his job at the beginning of the pandemic; “Once COVID hit I was laid off and I realized I do all this hustle for someone else for an ok salary but once something bad happened I was the first person to get screwed, so it was then that I decided if I were to hustle as much as I do, why not for myself?”


8 Comments on "New Burger Truck in MoCo Now Open"

  1. thats awesome cant wait to try it

  2. Best burger around!!!

  3. Stopped by on the way home from work and everything I got for the family they loved! Our new burger spot for sure!

  4. Thanks for the tip 😬

  5. You can’t find anything tastier than this around here

  6. What are your hours in Rockville

  7. What a great place! Burgers were out of this world, fries dandy, extra nice people (especially the female) working the food truck!
    One little request, could you please warm up the buns little?
    Many thanks, keep up the good work. Will see you again soon

  8. Where do you post you schedule.? We came by one day where you were on a small street off Shady Grove just before you get to 355.

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