Notes From Governor Hogan’s 1pm Press Conference

by MCS Staff

Notes From Governor Hogan’s 1pm Press Conference

The notes from this afternoon’s press co Terence come from Governor Hogan’s Deputy Communications Director, Kata Hall.

• COVID Vaccine Update:
-92.1% of Marylanders over 65 have been vaccinated
-75.2% of Maryland adults have been vaccinated

• COVID Data Update:
-Seven-day positivity is 0.73% (one of lowest in the country)
-Case rate per 100K is 1.08 (one of lowest in the country)
-Hospitalizations down from peak of 1,952 to 133

• VAXU SCHOLARSHIP PROMOTION. @GovLarryHogan announces partnership between @MDHealthDept and @MDMHEC to provide $1 million in college scholarships for Marylanders age 12 to 17 who get vaccinated.

• Beginning Monday, July 12, a $50,000 scholarship (the equivalent of full tuition and fees at a public, in-state institution of higher education) will be awarded to anyone age 12-17 who is vaccinated in Maryland.

• Two scholarships will be awarded every week for 8 weeks through Labor Day, when we will pick 4 winners.

• Winners will receive a Maryland 529 Prepaid College Trust contract, which locks in today’s tuition rates for the future, or a Maryland 529 College Investment Plan.

If they decide to attend private or out-of-state school, scholarship can be transferred to school of choice.

• ENTRY. If you are a Marylander between the ages of 12 and 17, all you have to do to enter the VaxU Scholarship Promotion is get vaccinated for #COVID19 in Maryland.

Those who have already been vaccinated here at any time will automatically be entered to win.

• @MDHealthDept will work with @MDMHEC to notify all the winners. Scholarship funds are being provided through funding from the American Rescue Plan.

• @GovLarryHogan: “It is clearer than ever that these vaccines are extremely effective, but those who are unvaccinated do remain at risk, especially with the highly transmissible variants.”

• According to state health officials:
-95% of all new COVID cases reported in Maryland last month were people who have not been vaccinated
-93% of all new COVID hospitalizations were unvaccinated Marylanders
-100% of all COVID deaths in June were unvaccinated Marylanders


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