Poolesville: Flashing Crosswalk Signs Damaged; To Be Repaired Soon

by MCS Staff

The flashing crosswalk signs on Fisher Avenue in Poolesville were brought down during a rain/wind storm last in March. The Town of Poolesville website informs residents that the aluminum poles were sheared at the base and that parts have been ordered to repair the signs and have them up again soon with powder coated steel poles that will be able to withstand heavy winds.

Fire hydrant flushing also continues in the Town of Poolesville this week.

Flushing ensures proper operation of the hydrants and removes the accumulation of sediment and iron in the mains. Flushing may cause discolored water and we advise residents not to wash white clothes for 24 hours following the flushing. below is the schedule:

April 4, Elizabeth’s Delight, TAMA, Woods at TAMA, Brightwell

April 5, Westerly, Bennett Way, Meadowlark Manor, Hunter’s Run

April 6, Fisher Avenue, Meadow Valley, Wootton Heights

April 7, Wesmond, Wootton Woods

April 8, Seneca Chase, Sumner Ridge, Stoney Springs

Full press release regarding crosswalk signs below:

Along with trees toppling and awnings torn down, the flashing crosswalk signs on Fisher Avenue succumbed to the late March windstorm. The aluminum poles that sheared at the base will be replaced with powder coated steel poles and be re-erected as soon as possible. A few parts had to be ordered from the manufacturer, and like many other items, deliveries can be slow. Be safe crossing and drivers please stop for pedestrians in the crosswalks.


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