Public Hearing for Proposal That Would Bring 380 Residential Units to Old Nike Missile Site in Gaithersburg Scheduled For March 20 Public Hearing

by MCS Staff

Pleasants Development/Muddy Branch Investments, LLC  has submitted Sketch Plan application SK-9497-20231, to establish a new sketch plan for approximately 13.71 acres of land at 770 Muddy Branch Road, the former Nike Missile Site, surrounded by the Muddy Branch Shopping Center, Lakelands Ridge, City-owned park land, and Timberbrook Condominium. The Application proposes to create a residential community of up to 380 multifamily units. The Applicant has submitted an application proposing to develop a new multifamily residential community with associated open space and amenities. The development will include up to 380 dwelling units. The Applicant, as part of the application, has submitted a statement of support and justification outlining the purpose of the current request:

According to the Statement, the main purpose of the sketch plan is to redevelop the former Nike missile site into a multifamily residential development that will complement and be compatible with the surrounding Lakelands Ridge, Timberbrook, and Shady Grove Village communities, as well as the Muddy Branch Square Shopping Center. The Application proposes a maximum of 380 multifamily dwelling units, located within four separate development blocks. Individual blocks have been allocated a maximum number of dwelling units out of the overall 380 unit cap. Although the 380 units proposed across the entire 13.71-acre site is significantly less dense (27.7 units per acre) than other recently-approved stand-alone multifamily developments, such as the Fishman Site (109 units on 0.99 acres, or 110.0 units per acre), Kentlands Apartments (365 units on 3.1 acres, or 117.7 units per acre), and Camden at Washingtonian (365 units on 5.86 acres, or 62.3 units per acre), the proposed density is comparable to and compatible with the surrounding Timberbrook Condos (168 units on 9.74 acres, or 17.2 units per acre) and Lakelands Ridge Condos (159 units on 9.39 acres, or 16.9 units per acre).

The proposed development will include open space and amenities for the residents, and a landscape buffer is proposed to surround the Property, softening the edges that back up to the existing Lakelands Ridge houses and condos. Internal vehicular and bicycle/pedestrian connectivity will be provided via an improved private road that roughly follows the existing driveway, and access to the Property will continue to utilize the existing entrance off of the School Drive stub-out next to Muddy Branch Road. No additional vehicular connections are provided, though pedestrian connections to the Muddy Branch Square Shopping Center and School Drive/Muddy Branch Road are proposed. Staff notes that there may be opportunities to provide additional bicycle/pedestrian connections to the Lakelands Ridge community.

A Joint Public Hearing is scheduled for Monday, March 20, 2023 at 7:30 p.m. at City Hall (virtual participation will also be available).  Any questions or comments on the application should be directed to the Planning Department at or 301-258-6330.

Courtesy of the City of Gaithersburg



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Karen Blanton March 16, 2023 - 3:30 pm

I would like more information on the proposed apartments sited for the Nike Missile Site.


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