Rockville Wegmans Update

by MCS Staff

Work continues on Phase One of Twinbrook Quarter, the upcoming development located on the southwest corner of the property at Rockville Pike and Halpine Road. It includes residential, office and commercial space, and will include Montgomery County’s second Wegmans.

The framework is now two stories above ground level on the side facing the Metro parking garage (photo below). Though progress continues to be made, construction on the actual Wegmans grocery store isn’t expected to begin for at least another year, according to a representative from the Germantown location. The following update was provided by Reimagine Twinbrook, prior to some of the progress, last month:

Within the next two weeks, we hope to be almost 50% finished pouring ground level concrete for the entire site.  Work progresses in various stages around the excavated area.  The process of pouring the ground level slab is the most intricate due to the sloping topography of the site. Concrete slabs for garage levels G1 and G2 are almost complete.

Preparing to Pour Second LevelWe are beginning to construct framing for the columns that will support the second level above ground.  You’ll see the beginning of the work on the south portion of the site along Halpine Avenue.  Once the framing is complete, we’ll pour concrete to form the columns.  These are the first steps in the process of pouring concrete for the second level.

Garage Walls Going UpGarage walls are being built in various areas of the site.  The photo shows two portions of the walls, along Rockville Pike at the northeast corner (upper middle on the photo) and along the future Festival Street.


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