Several Asian Restaurants With MoCo Ties Burglarized in Columbia 


Several Asian Restaurants With MoCo Ties Burglarized in Columbia

Kung Fu Tea, Bonchon, and Urban Hot all had locations broken into on Thursday night/early Friday in Columbia, MD.

The incidents are believed to be connected and police are currently reviewing security film from the surrounding areas.  Cash was stolen from all three locations.

We spoke to one of the owners of Urban Hot Pot, who told us their safe and other valuables had been taken as well.

According to the Baltimore Sun, the police department is not currently investigating the burglaries as hate crimes, but it is not being ruled out.
No photo description available.

Bonchon and Kung Fu Tea are both national chains that have independently run franchise locations.

Urban Hot Pot, which is owned and operated by a local restaurant group, opened its first location at 1800 Rockville Pike in 2017. The Rockville location reopens tomorrow after temporarily closing due to the indoor dining ban.

Kung Fu Tea has MoCo locations in Bethesda, Clarksburg, Gaithersburg, Germantown, Rockville, and Silver Spring. Bonchon has MoCo locations in Gaithersburg, Germantown, and Rockville.


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  2. Oh Asians get targeted in HoCo? Definitely not a hate crime because Asians are just White people, didn’t you know? HoCo board of edy said so. You intolerant cultural marxists are disgusting. You are the same as neo-bleep with you bs intolerance.

  3. Seems like someone has more hostility for phantom boogiemen than the actual perpetrators of this crime. Way to inject your politics into the tragedy of local businesses.

  4. Sounds like the work of an Asian (Tong) gang. This happens routinely at Asian businesses in NYC and California because these fangs know that there are generally large sums of cash on premises.

  5. Looks like a inside job to me. Who else would have enough time to take a safe.

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