Several Restaurants Tell Us They Are Planning to File For Injunction Against Montgomery County


Several Restaurants Tell Us They Are Planning to File For Injunction Against Montgomery County

Several restaurants across Montgomery County have reached out to us to let us know that they are on board with a plan by the Restaurant Association of Maryland’s to file for an injunction against Montgomery County to reopen indoor dining.

When reached for comment, the restaurant association told us: “Thanks for reaching out. RAM has no information to pass along at this time but we will have something tomorrow.”

Yesterday an Anne Arundel County judge blocked an executive order that closed indoor dining and restaurants in Anne Arundel will now be able to serve indoors until a Dec. 28 hearing.



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  2. Make it happen now! These restaurants need to be able to earn a living . Otherwise you will see so many boarded up businesses!

  3. Do it, Moco! The vaccine is so close and we need restaurants to survive in a post-covid World! Not closed them up!

  4. I hope they are able to stop these idiot tyrants of MoCo before it’s too late for these restaurants. I stand along with you! Open the restaurants!

  5. Publish a list so we know where not to go get carryout. At this point, I am only going to buy at carry out only places and tipping 20%.

  6. The Montgomery County Board needs to go away. They are the most intrusive, self serving bunch of idiots on the planet. They don’t care about anybody, but, themselves.

  7. Ah yes, a couple of restaurants want to do their part to exacerbate the infections rates so that everyone has to stay closed even longer. Sounds like a great idea.

    I hope the state revokes their operating licenses.

  8. I don’t know who wrote this but it would nice if they got the information correct so as to not look stupid. The restaurant association can NOT file an injunction. They can file a law suite asking THE COURT (a judge) to issue an injunction against the order to close indoor dinning.
    Let’s hope they get a judge with just a little common sense and orders the injunction.

  9. Restaurants have to survive, caterers too. Everyone is sensitive to our state government’s plight. How do you stop people from dying, suffering health costs, and long term health problems from a pandemic? You stop the viruses spread. A vaccine won’t do it overnight and not until 70%+ are vaccinated. Until then, the viruses spread will get worse. Only get worse. I don’t feel like dining out as 4,000 then 5,000 and possibly 6,000 people die each day into late winter. The immense suffering and health system disruption is just unfathomable. So yes restaurants and caterers are suffering. But they aren’t the only ones suffering. I understand RAM’s self focused view. RAM doesn’t care about public health, just its member restaurants. The government, on the other hand, has to balance public health and economic activity. Sadly that balance is impossible to achieve. Even if RAM wins, restaurants will close. Even if the state achieves perfect compliance, fewer people will die or needlessly suffer, but more restaurants will die and workers and owners will suffer. I know where I would draw the line. I value life and financial support for the industry.

  10. Fight and keep fighting. These rules make no sense and do not follow science. Just like keeping the schools 100% closed dispute all the studies showing schools are safe. Schools in similar areas like New York and New Jersey suburbs have gone back part time. There is no science that states eating in a tented area outside is safer than being inside. And there is no science that says eating at 9:45 is safer than 10:15.

    If the County was following the science instead of fear mongering they would just cut capacity. The rules lack common consistency. Gyms are open, yet those are much less safe. People sweating and breathing heavy. It’s OK to go to shopping at the store, just don’t eat the food there.

    Some people choose to think everyone around them is a biological weapon. They say “stay home or you’ll kill someone”. If I do not have the virus like over 95% of County, how am I going to kill someone by eating a meal?

  11. I think people are not taking the governments overreach here seriously enough. The original goal was to stop healthcare systems from being overrun and people dying just because they can’t get care. That is not the case now. According to the Montgomery County Covid dashboard, hospital capacity is not an issue. This isn’t the first pandemic nor will it be the last. Allowing officials to arbitrarily destroy a business is a frightening precedent. If it continues unchecked, along with those that lose an existing business, who is going to be dumb enough to open a new business knowing that at anytime they can be put out of business despite their best efforts to comply with health regulations? While influenza isn’t as contagious or deadly, it is spread in an almost identical way and kills tens of thousand people a year. Are you going to allow them to shut down businesses during flu season? Where do you draw the line? Is a flu death less significant than a Covid death? Voluntary activities like seeing a concert or dining out should be a risk that an individual can assess for themselves. If you are concerned, stay home.

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