Statement From MoCo Executive Marc Elrich on Governor Hogan’s Phase 3 Announcement

Statement from Montgomery County Executive, Marc Elrich:

Today’s announcement that the state is moving to Phase 3 on Friday has again taken us by surprise. Although I want to see our community open as quickly as possible, we must also proceed with care. We will continue to follow the data and science in Montgomery County, as we have done every day throughout the pandemic. We are averaging about 70 cases per day, and yesterday we had 97 cases– those numbers are concerning because they’re higher than they were a few weeks ago. Because we did not receive advance notice of the Governor’s decision, we need to review the Governor’s order to determine the best way forward. We will do this over the next few days to determine the best way to move forward for our residents and businesses while protecting the public health.

Courtesy of Fox 5’s @LindsayAWatts

7 Comments on "Statement From MoCo Executive Marc Elrich on Governor Hogan’s Phase 3 Announcement"

  1. How could you be surprised? You should already have a plan for phase three and proceed accordingly. I cannot for the life of me figure out why you wouldn’t want to carefully and safely begin to reopen our county.

    • Because people are selfish and not careful and countries that have fully reopened are now seeing the beginning of the second wave. That is why Karen. That is why.

    • That’s the whole point, je is trying to carefully and safely reopen. I can’t for the life of me figure out why you think he wants to keep it closer

    • There is no way Elrich was surprised. Everyone saw this one coming, of course Hogan was going to open up. Maryland has numbers better than most, and MoCo has very low numbers. Elrich might not agree, but everyone knew this was going to happen, saying he was surprised either means he is lying or clueless.

      Montgomery County is being run by fear mongers who’s answer to everything is “Why do you want people to die”. With a mortality rate of under .1% for people who are young and healthy, that is just a phony argument. Too many selfish people are running around acting like everyone is a biological weapon and that we are all going to die from this.

  2. Very smart to proceed with caution. Each county is different in nature and risk tolerance. Across the country we see daily how reopening too fast has caused huge increases in virus cases. Let’s not join that trend.

  3. Pachely Turnmore | September 3, 2020 at 10:35 am | Reply

    I just don’t get it… He wants to reopen because he said number are better but last sunday we got 6000 deaths because of the virus… Mr.Governor please just think a little bit more!!! And now you want also to reopen schools… please drive a school bus with 60 kids am and pm and then you let me know. Did you ever try to go to the school sites o the bus stops? Sir think a little bit more please!!! This is not about money is about to take care of our kids that are the future of this state and this country! Don’t be an ass hole!!!

    • That’s not true at all…California which was one of the strictest has had one of the worse relapses and increases. It seems that no matter people do, it comes and goes in waves. Some States that opened “to soon” had a peak, but shortly after it burned out, while that waited too long, had an increase once they reopened moderately.

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