Sunshine Burger: Best in MoCo Or… Overrated?

Many call the Sunshine Burger from the Sunshine General Store in Brookeville (some call the area Sunshine, between Olney and Damascus) the best burger in Maryland. Not everyone agrees!

I think it’s a very good burger. I can’t definitively tell you it’s the best in MoCo or Maryland without doing more research, but many will tell you that it doesn’t get better than the Sunshine Burger (pictured above).

When I made a post this past summer, referring to it as the best burger in Maryland, Olympic gold medalist Kyle Snyder disagreed.

When the burger came up in Twitter conversation, I remembered his tweet and asked him why. Here’s what he had to say:
That leads to the question of the day. Is this the best burger in MoCo…OR… is it simply an average, overpriced, and overhyped legend?

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  1. That Kyle is horribly wrong.

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