Tanya Snyder Announces 8 Remaining Names in Contention for Washington Football Team, WFT Spokesperson Later Clarifies That Names Are Not a Final List

by MCS Staff

9/8/21, 10:30AM Update: Adam Schefter has tweeted clarification on Tanya Snyder’s comments on his podcast, stating that a Washington Football Team spokesperson said the list of eight names were a selection of names that were highlighted in the WFT’s Making the Brand Video, and not a final list of potential name candidates.

Tanya Snyder, co-CEO of the Washington Football Team and wife of team co-owner Dan Snyder, announced the final 8 names that remain in contention as the nickname for the Washington Football Team via Adam Schefter’s podcast.

Team President Jason Wright had previously mentioned that 3 names were in contention, but the 8 names that Tanya Snyder announced were Red Hogs, Defenders, Armada, Presidents, Brigade, Commanders, Red Wolves and Washington Football Team.

NBC Sports Washington’s JP Finlay tweeted that he has “said for a while” that Commanders will be the name that’s chosen and is sticking with that opinion as we get closer.

The team previously announced that they will remain the Washington Football Team for this upcoming season.


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