The 10 Worst Parking Lots In MoCo

by MCS Staff
A couple days ago on Twitter (@TheMoCoShow), I shared three of my least favorite parking lots in MoCo. This led to quite a few replies containing some of the worst parking lots in the area. Based on that I decided to create a list of some of the absolute worst. It’s kind of a mix of my personal opinion and the opinions of some of our Twitter followers.

I’m sure there will be a bunch of terrible parking lots that I’ll miss (this isn’t a list of every single bad parking lot, just a lot of the worst ones). I’m also pretty sure that some of these parking lots aren’t too bad at certain times, but when they’re bad…they’re the worst.

Since there are a bunch of these that could fit, I’ll mention Wheaton strip mall parking lots and Bethesda parking garages before going into the more specific list.

Costco on a weekend and the Amish Market on a Saturday are also very bad, but we’re going for more consistent awfulness here.

​10. Montgomery Hills Shopping Center (In Silver Spring where Goldberg’s Bagels and Tropical Ice scream Cafe are)

9. Montgomery Village Crossing (In Gaithersburg across from Lakeforest where Trader Joe’s is)

8.Potomac Village Shopping Center in Potomac

7.The Strosnider’s/Whole Foods parking lot in Downtown Silver Spring

6. Germantown Plaza (where Planet Fitness/Lotte are and the other side where Picca is)

5. Leisure World in Silver Spring

4. Federal Plaza in Rockville (where Silver Diner and Chuy’s is/where Ruby Tuesday was)

3. Aspen Hill Shopping Center

2. Falls Grove in Rockville. The entrance when there’s any kind of rush might be the worst I have ever seen.

​1. Wildwood Shopping Center in Bethesda. I experienced this unfortunate parking lot during lunch time for the first time earlier this week. Unbelievably bad.


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