Toys “R” Us Store-in-Store Locations Now Open Inside Two MoCo Macy’s

by Patrick Herron

Toys “R” Us store-in-store shops are now open inside the Macy’s locations at both Lakeforest and Montgomery Malls. The Macy’s at Wheaton Mall is expected to begin the buildout of its Toys “R” Us soon.

Macy’s is adding the Toys “R” Us store-in-store shops to all of its U.S. locations over the next few months. The shops will range from 1,000-10,000 sq. feet, depending on the size of the Macy’s and will expand during the holiday season to offer a wider assortment of products. Photos of the Lakeforest Macy’s below:

Depending on the success of the Macy’s version of Toys “R” Us, the company could consider bringing back standalone stores. The former Toy “R” Us location at 600 Frederick Rd in Gaithersburg has remained vacant since the company closed all its stores in 2018. Did you know the first ever Toys “R” Us opened in Rockville? 


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