New Virtual Food Hall From Boca Botanas

New Virtual Food Hall From Boca Botanas

Boca Botanas, located at 239 Muddy Branch Rd in Gaithersburg, is opening up three new virtual restaurant concepts. The menus will be available via online ordering apps the first week of March.

Cruudo, which features an extensive ceviche menu, Herby Vegan, which includes plant based protein options like tofu ravioli and Beyond meat, and Bagel vs Bialy, which features a selection of bagel and bialy (baked hybrid between a bagel and English muffin) sandwiches.

All three menus will include cold pressed drinks and iced coffee options.

According to the owners, “Cruudo is an urban-minded restaurant dedicated to capturing the palate of food lovers looking to explore something different and delicious at a time. We are a family-owned and operated online business founded on a belief that food should be lively and unique to remind our taste buds of its diversity.”

On Herby Vegan, “We understand the benefits of plant-based diets; hence, we strive to nurture a community that represents and embraces a healthy lifestyle. While we focus on promoting people’s wellbeing, we aim to ensure a remarkable customer experience that is solely on making life easier and better.”

And on Bagels vs Bialy, “For most of us, a complete morning starts with a hot cup of coffee, then a fresh bagel and bialy to fuel our engine for all morning long. We are a specialty breakfast and lunch ghost kitchen dedicated to making every day awesome through the most seamless and exceptional delivery experience.”

The logos for the new concepts were designed by @designapli_cobelt, the 13 year old daughter of one of the owners.

Boca Botanas has been closed since December 31st, but plans to reopen this spring.  You can view our Hidden Gems feature we did on the restaurant here.

Below you will see some of the different menu options. Full menus for the three concepts can be seen here: Cruudo,  Herby Vegan  and Bagel vs Bialy

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