Quince Orchard High School To Begin Enforcing New Lunch Policy For Students on Friday, March 24

Quince Orchard High School principal Beth Thomas tweeted the following regarding the lunch policy at the school,“In light of the continued safety concerns & disruptive behaviors that have taken place off school property, QOHS will actively enforce our lunch policy beginning tmrw Fri 3/24 for the remainder of the year. We will not waver from implementation of this policy.” The full policy can be seen below:

“Quince Orchard High School has a Closed Lunch Policy for all students in Grades 9 and 10. Students in Grades 11 and 12 may leave QO property for lunch. They must have a student ID card that reflects their lIth and 12′ grade status. If an Ilth or 12th grader wants to leave campus during lunch, they MUST show their current year school ID card to school statt. No exceptions.

Students are reminded that when they leave campus and enter the surrounding community, they must rollow the MCPS Student Code of Conduct. Open lunch is a privilege. Permission to leave campus during lunch can be revoked. For 11th or 12th graders leaving campus for open lunch, students must:

• show their current wear school ID card to check out with statt at either of these two exits:
– the tennis court/Safeway exit. or
-the bus loop/QO library exit
• not access vehicles and or leave campus in a vehicle without staff permission
• return to the building and arrive to class on time

• the crosswalk and sidewalks only.
• Follow staff directions when crossing the street

Behave courteously and respectively to staff, to other students, to the public, and to the business locations in our community.

Students who attempt to use another person’s pass for open lunch privilege will result in the revocation for both students. Visitors are not allowed in the lunchroom or other areas throughout the school without permission and must be clearly identified with a visitor badge. As a reminder, students are not allowed to have off-campus food delivered to the school. Any food delivered will be kept by the welcome center and available for pick up at the end of the school day.

Consequences for violating the lunch policy:

1st violation: a reminder and administrative documentation
2nd violation: same as above and parent notification
3rd violation: same as above and referral and restorative lunch tutoring that the student must attend

4th violation: open lunch revoked (if applicable)

We are not going to waver from this policy and need everyone’s support. This policy requires a shared commitment by everyone. It you have questions or concerns, please contact your student’s grade level administrator or myself.


Elizabeth L. Thomas


Featured photo courtesy of Google Maps

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