2022’s Top Stories: Ledo Pizza Gets a ‘One Bite’ Review From Barstool’s Dave Portnoy

by MCS Staff

As 2022 ends, we’re sharing a few of our most-read stories of the year: At one point Dave Portnoy, founder of Barstool Sports, ate pizza every day for two years while getting his “One Bite” pizza reviews started on Instagram and YouTube. Through the years, he has eaten pizza from various restaurants across the country– providing a 1-10 rating for each slice. While most of his reviews come from pizza places in Massachusetts, New York, and New Jersey, he recently tried a New York City Ledo Pizza location (video below).

“It’s good…you’d have to put it in a chain if it has over 100 locations, it’s pretty good for that type of pizza.” Portnoy said of the “Maryland style pizza”, referencing the amount of stores Ledo Pizza has grown to in recent years. He gave it a 6.7, which puts it towards the middle of the pack of the over 1,000 pizza places he has reviewed so far.

Ledo Pizza, then Ledo Restaurant, opened its first restaurant in 1955 in Adelphi, Maryland (Prince George’s County, pictured below). The circular pizza pans were relatively new when the first restaurant opened…so they went with the rectangular pans and ended up sticking with what was working. Maryland style pizza is rectangular in shape, has a biscuity crust, a sweet tomato sauce, and uses smoked provolone cheese. From Gaithersburg to Glenmont, it has become a staple in restaurants across Montgomery County and the success of Ledo pizza has expanded the style across the east coast.


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