Additional Information on Anti-BLM Vandalism in Colesville

by Patrick Herron

Additional Information on Anti-BLM Vandalism in Colesville

Yesterday we reported that the Black Lives Matter banner in front of Colesville Presbyterian Church had been vandalized.

Today we spoke to Dr. Loshe, interim pastor at Colesville Presbyterian Church, and he told us that for months now the church has been using a padlock on the banner and that volunteers have been putting it up every morning at sunrise and taking it down in the evening.

Despite that, vandals were still able to deface the banner in the early hours of Monday morning– the word “black” was cut from the banner.

At this point the church has lost count of just how many times the BLM signs have been defaced  or stolen from the property.

They’ve had similar thefts occur when hanging rainbow flags. Dr. Loshe says Colesville Presbyterian Church prides itself as being all inclusive and supportive of LGBTQ issues.

The church has been in close contact with the police, who have had an increased presence at the church since the latest incident.

If you have any information, please contact Montgomery County Crime Solvers.

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