Breakdown of Where You Do & Do Not Need to Wear a Mask in MoCo

by Patrick Herron

Breakdown of Where You Do & Do Not Need to Wear a Mask in MoCo

Earlier today the Montgomery County Council approved a new Board of Health regulation which no longer requires residents to wear masks outdoors, or indoors if they are fully vaccinated. 

Montgomery County has updated the face covering guidance portion of its website to help clarify where masks must still be worn. Reminder, people not fully vaccinated are to continue wearing masks indoors at this time.


Updated May 18, 2021

Montgomery County follows the Board of Health Regulation for face covering guidance.

Face coverings must be worn

  • in or on any public transportation or school bus
  • when you get health care services, including from
    • doctors and dentists
    • hospitals
    • pharmacies, and
    • laboratories
  • indoors anywhere in a school where you are likely to interact with others, including
    • classrooms,
    • hallways,
    • cafeterias,
    • auditoriums, and
    • gymnasiums

People who are not fully vaccinated must wear face coverings

  • when indoors
  • in an area where members of the public are generally permitted, and
  • in an indoor work area where interaction with others is likely or where food is prepared

Face coverings are not required

Must the face covering cover my nose?

A face covering is fitted properly when it covers your nose, mouth, and chin. Do not use a face covering with an exhalation valve because it allows unfiltered air that you exhale to escape.


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