Breaking: Judge Upholds Ban on Indoor Dining


Breaking: Judge Upholds Ban on Indoor Dining

Montgomery County Circuit Court Judge James Bonifant ruled today he he wouldn’t be entering an injunction, but will be scheduling a hearing after the holidays to review this further.

Earlier in the day judges in Prince George’s and Baltimore upheld similar bans on indoor dining.

This past Friday, Restaurant Association of Maryland (RAM) held a press conference announcing that they had filed requests for temporary restraining orders and preliminary injunctions against Montgomery County, Prince George’s County and Baltimore City, with the goal of having indoor and outdoor dining restored as soon as possible.

Twenty-eight Montgomery County restaurants had signed on as plaintiffs.


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  2. To the restaurant association and the 28 co-signed restaurants. I fully understand the plight of businesses that have been set to the brink of extinction because of covid and the restrictions. It seems completely self serving and non caring when indoor restaurant service is one of the top 3 transmission sources of the virus. You’re saying it’s ok to kill people as long as my business can stay open.

    • We live in America!! if I remember correctly, or what’s left of it. With this flu epidemic, not pandemic, check the requirements,Let the people make their own minds up about weather they want to go out or not. Not everyone is immune compromise. The people that are afraid of the virus can stay home the rest of us can live like normal people, that’s what the constitution is about. The government interference with our lives is ruining this country

    • This is bull power hungry asses. You can get covid any where to point out just the restaurants is bull, youare making people go out side the county to live and shop which takes money away from you the county…
      This law should be the same across the board
      All fast food with a drive thru closed delivery only to stop people from going outside and spread the virus. Grocery stores should be pick up or delivery to stop the virus.
      This would be far across the businesses Nd not look like just the restaurants

  3. The mistake by the restaurants was going to Maryland Circuit Court. That Court is always going to side with the local MoCo government, they should have gone to Federal District Court.

    Now these businesses need to decide whether or not appeal this decision. However, I will be ordering take-out from some of them these weekend. The fear mongering and hypocrisy needs to end. Why are gyms open but not restaurants? Why are liquor stores? Maybe because the County owns the ABC stores and makes more money. Going to a resturuant and eating inside when capacity is at 25% is not going to kill you. Being exposed to someone who has the virus, and having a secondary condition will. The mortality rate is under 1%.

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