Brookeville Preserves Its History Through 15 Star Flags

by MCS Staff

Brookeville Preserves Its History Through 15 Star Flags

Brookeville’s title as “Capital for a Day” isn’t the only thing that makes Brookeville a uniquely historical site. A flag resembling the Star-Spangled Banner, otherwise known as the 15 star flag or the Great Garrison flag, can be seen lining some streets.

The flag is adorned with fifteen stars and fifteen stripes as it became official after Kentucky and Vermont joined the Union. This also makes it the only flag in U.S. history to not have 13 stripes. It was the official flag of the U.S. from 1795 to 1818.

This flag would have been the most current one at the time of Brookeville’s incorporation in 1808 and when James Madison sought refuge after the British invaded DC in 1814: the day that would earn the town the title of Capital for a Day.

The design of the flags flown in Brookeville is similar to that of the flag which inspired Francis Scott Key’s poem “Defence of Fort M’Henry,” which would one day become the words of the national anthem.

Featured photo courtesy of the Town of Brookeville Website.

By Adam Levine


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