Chennai Hoppers Soft Opening in Spectrum Town Center (Gaithersburg)

by MCS Staff

Chennai Hoppers Soft Opening in Spectrum Town Center (Gaithersburg)

Chennai Hoppers announced its current soft opening on the restaurant website this week with a bit of an explanation.

“What does this mean? It means we don’t expect everything to run 100% smoothly, during these first few weeks. We’ll be offering a limited menu, slowly introducing new items as the weeks wear on. Our speed to get your order ready probably won’t be where we’d like it to be. But that’s what a soft opening is for!”

Per the Chennai Hoppers website, Chef and owner John Rajoo John “completed his culinary arts & science training in Chennai, India and later graduated from Baltimore International college with a Master of Science in Hospitality Management.”

The menu for their soft opening can be found here.

The restaurant is located at 136 Paramount Drive in the Spectrum Town Center, near Barking Mad Cafe.

We stopped by earlier this week and were able to get some pictures of the restaurant, available below.


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