Crown Farm Silo Repair Underway in Crown


Crown Farm Silo Repair Underway in Crown

Last week strong winds caused damage to the silos at Crown Farm. There was damage to the silos from previous storms, but this storm led to parts of the silo roof coming off of the structure and onto the ground nearby.

Some roads in the area were closed for the day as crews cleaned up.

This morning the repair has started, as crews can be seen working on ladders to repair the silo.

Crown Farm is a 180-acre farm that included two historic houses (one was demolished a few years back), several agricultural buildings, a loghouse that dates back to the early 1800s, and the silos. The farm is located on Fields Road, across the street from Rio and connected to Downtown Crown.

Photos of the damage courtesy of Instagram User @tonycavasilios

Photos of the repair courtesy of Instagram user @papak_the_great


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