Ema Rossi Pizza Getting Close in Rockville


Last summer we reported that Ema Rossi Pizzeria Napoletana would be moving in to the old Pizza Hut location in the Rock Creek Village Center (5556 Norbeck Rd).

Pizza Hut closed back in April of 2020 and the location remained vacant for a few months, but the space was quickly snatched up and permanent signage for Ema Rossi went up in the winter.

The restaurant was hoping to open by March, but it seems like COVID has pushed that back. The interior looks to be ready to go and Ema Rossi should be opening shortly.

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4 Comments on "Ema Rossi Pizza Getting Close in Rockville"

  1. I heard they might open by the end of this month!

  2. Are they open yet?

  3. They are great. I don’t miss CSPIZZA at all.

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