First Look at Crumbl in Rockville

by MCS Staff

First Look at Crumbl in Rockville

With gigantic cookies being a massive hit on Instagram, we’re excited to see Crumbl in town. While the cookies aren’t as massive as the ones we’re seeing on the internet (most of which end up being more like a muffin than a cookie), Crumbl comes through with some pretty big cookies.

Crumbl Cookies is a nationwide bakery franchise (locally owned) that offers different freshly baked cookies each week.

They sell chocolate chip and sugar cookies every day, but the rest of their offerings rotate.

Their flavors range from experimental (watermelon chilled sugar cookie), to cookie twists on classic desserts (peach cobbler cookie), to more traditional cookies.

Crumbl is located in Federal Plaza on Rockville Pike (12266 Rockville Pike)


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