Kensington…the Pizza King of MoCo?

by MCS Staff
While there are great pizza options all across MoCo, the relatively small town of Kensington has two of the best pizza spots within a quarter mile of each other.

Our 2016 Top 10 Pizza Spots in MoCo list included #2 Continental Pizza and #8 Frankly…Pizza! The team recently revisited both of them in preparation for our 2017 expanded rankings and were once again delighted.

One of my favorite things about each place is how different they are. You walk into Continental and there’s barely any room to move. Half the tables and chairs are wobbly and it’s still cash only. Frankly…Pizza! Has a rustic decor and extremely friendly servers that are more than willing to explain the differences between each of their pies.

Old school carry-out greasy pizza (nothing wrong with that) vs. New school brick oven pizza. Kensington has two of the best of both worlds.

– Cheese Pizza from Continental Pizza
The Hot Mess from Franky…Pizza!

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