Kusshi Sushi Owner Assaulted After Dispute Over Drink

by MCS Staff

Though Wes Yao, owner of popular Pike & Rose restaurant Kusshi Sushi, has a YouTube channel that playfully warns others to avoid opening restaurants, he never imagined he would get assaulted at his own restaurant (warning: his YouTube channel contains language that isn’t suitable for everyone).

This morning we spoke with Yao, who told us of the situation that occurred at his restaurant earlier this week. A video of the incident can be found on the JackFroot Instagram account.

Yao claims a customer ordered a double shot of Casamigos– a brand of tequila. A bit after the drink was brought to the table, the customer came inside and attempted to return the drink. After some back and forth, which included Yao recording some of the interaction with his cell phone, the customer was given a refund for the drink.

According to Yao, the customer threw the restaurant copy receipt on the floor (no tip or signature) and left the credit card that was used to pay for the tab on the clipboard before exiting the restaurant. Yao picked up the card and the receipt and went outside to return them to the customer. The customer approached Yao and punched him in the face, knocking him down. “I was asking if he would be tipping the server on the tab, but instead of taking the receipt he punched me in the face.” Yao told us.

In a separate video, that Yao didn’t see until after the incident occurred, the customer seems to pour the ordered drink into another glass before filling up the shot glasses with water prior to returning it. This was the drink he was refunded for.

Yao is uncertain as to how he will proceed.


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1 comment

Solomon owner of kusshi August 10, 2021 - 11:38 pm

So I want a first note that this sites information is clearly coming from the worst source possible(his marketing personnel). It has everything completely mixed up and is 100 % inaccurate. Lets start off with this card deal. For one he never asked me if I wanted to tip Because he was too busy shouting racial slurs my way because of me asking him to remove the charge off of the check for an alcohol multipul times and that he was forcing us to drink after his business hours. 1:03 a.m
They close at 1 a.m on fridays
I did not want to drink it nor did i want to give my female friends before leaving the restaurant. As a responsible driver i as well was not going to risk drinking alcohol and driving since i was the designated driver Hence asking for the charge removal.
The guy is completely misleading the public Into thinking that posting 2 extremely short videos 1 of the discussion of the charge return (30 sec.) and the 2nd video is the 2nd video of the “attack” (15 sec) and jamming them together making it present as if I just randomly went up to him after getting the money back and still striking the man seems kinda odd and is completely false.
Is this man repeatedly antagonized me and racially profiled my character 2 heights that are unimaginable, disturbing and just plain ignorant all after he stopped recording me just to make this seem hes in the victim role. finally he did his job as an business owner and gave me the customer what i was asking for all along A simple removal of a beverage i was not going to risk drinking.

After the charge was finally removed two receipts printed out one for the restaurant 1 for myself which if he reveals footage,the full footage Which we all know he won’t because hes probably too much of a coward to do but thats nor here nor there
this will reveal some very enlightening new evidence
1) I did indeed sign one of the copies
2) Asked him which one did he need
Which he proceeded to tell me
” I dont need S*** from you.. you P-O-S white spic American.”
Pu$$y- A$$ Bi@^h. F- you Mother F-er.
So I dropped the receipt accidentally on the floor and refused to pick it up due too the Agrivated mans tone of voice And pure raging slurs pouring from his mouth.
I proceeded to leave the restaurant back to my table which I was sitting at outside at. No escort just on my own.
I was outside with my 3 coworkers eating that night so as i left to get them ready to leave for the night since it was closing you will notice as the 2nd video plays notice it starts with him walking outside.
I was already infront of him traveling towards my table to get the ladies ready to leave.
he then proceeded to follow me outside and continues to racially antagonize me and belliger me absolutely pouring on the verbal attack. At this point I felt extremely threatened by this man and as i walked up to him and said what are you going to do about it he follows ” i will f@#$ you up ” so i defended myself.
A physical altercation ensues
When he eventually man’s up and releases the video you will closely notice how he and his little hooligan friends ganged up on me, they
held me down and let this owner of the bar kick me repeatedly in the face and have people take free strikes at my face and body.
It’s not bothering to Stop this vicious and brutal attack.
I was diagnosed with multiple fractures in my face, a broken nose and a serious laceration on my forehead which left me bleeding all over the pavement at his own restaurant that his employees had to pick up at the end of the night. It was a very very sad night for owners of bars not only should he not have a bar he should not have ownership of a bar at all. He should be barred from selling alcohol forever which is why this is going to be reviewed by the liquor board as soon as possible for for removal of his alcohol license and is also under investigation at this time.
It is extremely important that people get the correct side of the story no party in this situation was correct and was completely immature on both ends for the owner and for the customer involved involved this is a very unfortunate and sad Is representation of how to run a business.


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