Matthew McConaughey is Interested in Being Part of a Group That Buys The Washington Commanders

by MCS Staff

Even though Actor Matthew McConaughey was born and raised in Texas, he has been a Washington fan since he was four years old– rooting for Native Americans in old Westerns he’d watch with his dad. Washington also had a star linebacker, Chris Hanburger, with nearly the same last name as McConaughey’s favorite food, he said in an interview on the team’s website. Now, he’s interested in either putting together or being a part of an investment group that puts a bid on the Washington Commanders.

Mark Maske of the Washington post tweeted that “Matthew McConaughey is exploring the possibilities of joining or forming an investment group to bid on the Washington Commanders, according to a source close to the actor. He’s a co-owner of the Austin FC franchise in Major League Soccer.” This coming a few hours after the New York Post reported that McConaughey was linked to a potential bidding group that includes Jay-Z and Jeff Bezos.

Over the weekend, Jay Glazer reported that Dan Snyder has an asking price of $7 billion for the team and that the sale is expected to be completed in the next 6 months– likely finalized by the NFL owners meeting in March 2023. NBA superstar Kevin Durant also recently expressed interest in the team, telling ESPN he “would love to give a bit of my money to be part of the Commanders, but we’ll see.”


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