MCPS Students Dually Enrolled at Montgomery College Will No Longer Be Charged Tuition

by MCS Staff

Per MCPS: Due to a  recent change in a Maryland law, students will not be charged to participate in dual-enrollment programs. Montgomery College will refund students who have paid tuition for college courses taken this fall. Students taking college courses during the remainder of this school year will not be charged tuition, but may be responsible for other college costs, such as textbooks or fees. Beginning in the 2023-2024 school year, all eligible students may take approved college courses at no cost. FAQ Below:

  • What is considered a dual enrollment course within MCPS for the purpose of this announcement? 

A dual enrollment course is a Montgomery College (MC) course approved by Montgomery County Public Schools (MCPS)  for which students may earn college and high school credit.

  • Will dual enrollment be tuition-free next school year too?

Yes. Going forward, all MC and MCPS dual enrollment partnership programs/college courses will no longer have a tuition cost to dually enrolled students.

  • Who is covering the students’ tuition costs?

MCPS and MC.

  • What about college fees and textbooks, will they be covered?

Depending on the dual enrollment program and qualification for financial assistance, students may still be responsible for college fees and textbooks during the SY 2022-2023. Starting in the SY 2023-2024, fees and textbooks will be covered for all dually enrolled students. 

  • Where can I find out more about dual enrollment programs in Montgomery County?

Information about dual enrollment programming is available through the website: Dual Enrollment – Montgomery College.

  • Can I sign up for dual enrollment courses this Spring?

Potentially.  Speak with your Dual Enrollment Program Assistant and your high school Counselor.

  • Does this tuition free announcement refer to other institutions of higher education (e.g., UMCP) tuition-free?

No. This announcement only refers to MC. 

  • Are home instruction or private school students eligible for free tuition for dual enrollment?

No.  Students must be enrolled in Montgomery County Public Schools to be eligible for this opportunity.



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Lisa W. December 16, 2022 - 2:33 pm

This is very exciting! But I’m confused about eligibility because the MC website says on their FAQ page that any Maryland student, not just MoCo students, can participate: “Any current high school student including MCPS and other Maryland public schools, private schooled, home schooled and out-of-state public schooled students may participate.” (Source: Which is correct?

Lisa W. December 16, 2022 - 2:46 pm

So it appears the FAQ page is for Dual Enrollment in general, but MC’s tuition page says “Under the Maryland Blueprint for Education, dually enrolled students attending Maryland public high schools are no longer charged tuition for their college courses at MC.” ( Very cool!


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