New York J&P Pizza Reopens in Damascus After 10 Months

by MCS Staff

New York J&P Pizza in Damascus (2607 Ridge Road) has officially reopened after a 10-month remodeling closure.

The restaurant announced it would close for remodeling back on February 10th and started the process on February 15th.

On June 22nd, an update was provided via social media:

“Thank you all so much for all your patience! Unfortunately, this remodel has been delayed numerous times and it’s out of our hands. We have every permit except the plumbing one, which we are still waiting on from Montgomery Co. We are hoping and planning for the first week of August!!”

On Sunday, J&P announced that it would open on Monday and the restaurant is now officially open.

New York J&P Pizza was the first restaurant in Damascus to receive a liquor license and started serving alcohol in February of 2013, a few months after an 80-year ban on alcohol sales in the town.

Featured photo courtesy of New York J&P Pizza


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Frank Costanza December 14, 2021 - 2:16 pm

bro this has got to be the most ads crammed into one space ive ever seen. congrats and keep that hard hitting news coming.


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