Olney Baseball Team Selects Name

by MCS Staff

The Olney baseball team has officially selected Cropdusters as the team’s new name, per a post on the team’s Instagram account– @cropdustersbaseball

Back in March we let you know that the Olney Boys and Girls Community Sports Association, in conjunction with Koa Sports, worked out an agreement to bring a baseball team playing in the Cal Ripken Baseball League to the Olney area in the summer of 2022.

Last month the team needed help with potential names recently have narrowed it down to 7 based on suggestions from all of you.

After input from the community, the team has decided to go with Cropdusters– beating out Mechanics, Bat Flippers, Ogres, Gold Rush, Mumbo Jumbo, and Octopi.

The team will compete in the prestigious Cal Ripken Collegiate League and will host high level Collegiate players from all over the country.


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