Owner of White’s Ferry Proclaims “The Ferry Will Run Again” at Poolesville Town Hall

by MCS Staff

On Tuesday, the Montgomery County Department of Transportation (MCDOT) announced today that it is working with the Loudoun County Department of Transportation and Capital Infrastructure (DTCI) on a study of White’s Ferry’s operations.

Yesterday, the owner of White’s Ferry since February, Chuck Kuhn (who is also the owner of JK Moving), spoke at a forum on Wednesday evening at the Poolesville Town Hall to provide updates about the ferry’s future.

“The ferry will run again” proclaimed Kuhn at the forum. Though he spoke of ways he would like to enhance the ferry and the White’s Ferry experience as a whole, not much was shared in terms of progress towards a solution.

A legal dispute between White’s Ferry and the owner of the Virginia landing, Rockland Farm (different from Rocklands Farm Winery), led to White’s Ferry closing back in December.

“One way or another, that ferry will be open and moving before summer of ‘22.” Kuhn stated. “The moment we can move that ferry, we’ll move that ferry.” Kuhn shared that he hopes the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors are able to find another solution for reopening the ferry– mentioning eminent domain as a possibility.

According to a recent press release from Montgomery County, both Montgomery and Loudoun counties have a common goal of reestablishing daily ferry service.

The study, which is on schedule and began on June 23rd, is designed to provide information to ensure that the ferry, when it reopens, is positioned to provide reliable service for the long term and maximum value to users. A study report providing recommendations is expected to be finalized in late September.


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