‘Plan The Future of Poolesville’ Visioning Event

by MCS Staff

Per the Town of Poolesville: “HELP SHAPE THE TOWN’S FUTURE!” Join the Planning Commission and Comprehensive Plan Consultants for an interactive visioning event and share your hopes for the future of the Town of Poolesville. This hands-on event will help us to identify the community’s aspirations and goals for the future.

WHAT IS A COMPREHENSIVE PLAN? Over the next few months, the Town of Poolesville will be working on its 10-year update of the Comprehensive Plan. The purpose of the plan is to provide a roadmap for the Town’s next twenty years, touching on topic areas that include land use, transportation, housing, water resources, economic development, and several others. The document contains goals, objectives, policies, and recommendations, as well as a community-wide vision and an action plan to help prioritize future projects.


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