Shouk, a Plant-Based, Kosher Street Food Restaurant, Has Opened its Second MoCo Location (Bethesda)

by MCS Staff

Back in April 2021, Shouk announced that it would be opening two new locations this fall– one in Westwood Shopping Center in Bethesda, and another in Rockville’s Montrose Shopping Center. The Rockville location opened in November and the newest location at 5436 Westbard Avenue in the Westwood shopping center is now open and you can view the menu or place an order here.

Shouk is best known for its plant-based, Kosher street food. Per their website, their menu is “Inspired by the bold flavors of the world’s liveliest street markets, we craft our food from real ingredients you can pronounce. Fresh vegetables, beans, grains, and lots of spices.”

Shouk’s offerings include stuffed pitas, homemade veggie burgers (known as “Shouk Burgers”), eggplant burgers, mushroom shawarma, different flavors of hummus, salads with mediterranean ingredients, plant based side dishes (shouk’n nuggets, red lentil soup, cashew labneh), desserts, and more.



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Michael Zwolinski June 13, 2022 - 11:08 pm

Headline should be ITS, not IT’S.


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