County Executive Candidate Rose Krasnow Urges Cost Savings By “Building Up, Not Out”

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​“Our future must be affordable”
Rose Krasnow Urges Cost Savings by “Building Up, Not Out”

June 6, 2018

Why not save precious land and build our new schools up, not out? Why not co-locate schools next to our many parks, sharing the play space?

These are good, hard questions that need to be answered — especially when Montgomery County finds itself perpetually short of funds but ever-pressed to meet its fast-growing student population.

So, let’s get creative: Let’s build new schools up a few stories on smaller parcels of land, saving money and preserving the land. The District’s Dunbar High School did just that, showcasing a model for developing a beautiful school in an urban location. Why not transform empty office buildings into new schools? Or group schools in the same location, as Howard County does successfully? We need to be creative. We need to be cost-conscious!

Luxe libraries? Leadership often means weighing hard choices and making tough decisions. The new Silver Spring library is an imposing, multifaceted complex — built at a total cost of about $64 million! It is an amazing public facility to be sure. But must that be our only model? Isn’t there beauty in buildings that are modest and cozy that still serve our purposes? The fact is, we can build well and build smart, and at a much lower cost.

Before we wring our hands and grit our teeth over constantly rising taxes, I say we need a much sharper focus on spending — the same scrutiny every homeowner applies when money gets tight. What can we afford? Can we trim our tastes for the very best? We don’t want to drive our residents out of the county because their taxes keep going up. We will all lose if that occurs.

I’m running for County Executive to bring my experience, creativity, and careful financial management to all of Montgomery County. I did that for Rockville residents, and I will do that for the entire community as County Executive.

I hope you agree that I am the person best qualified to lead our County into the future. Please cast your vote for me on June 26.

Thank you.
Rose Krasnow

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